One step away from Little Venice in West London, the brief of the flat was to convert an outdated Victorian flat into a modern and minimalist yet luxurious residence for a young single man.
The challenge was to embrace the very unique and courageous taste of the client, and transform his requirements and desires into a coherent and liveable yet unique space.
Light, colour and textures are used to emphasize moods of the different spaces and their use. Dark tones and dramatic lighting create intimate and elegant mood in bedroom, bathroom and media room, whereas white walls are providing brightness and openness in the living room space.
The low ceiling entrance corridor between night and day area is entirely painted in a bright orange colour and lighted by architectural LED light fittings. This provides feeling of suspense and surprise entering the flat or transitioning between the two different areas.
The real distinctiveness of this flat is in the use of detail. Despite the minimalistic look, the flat is provided with plenty of concealed storage space. The kitchen can be totally concealed behind some automated panels and even the bathroom door, only door present in the flat, is concealed inside the wall. Similarly, backlit glass partitions in shower, corridor and kitchen are used as separations and light source at the same time.