Right in the heart of the historical centre of Valencia, the refurbishment of this flat was commissioned to create the perfect location for a weekend escape of a British couple.
The lack of natural light pushed the architect to convert the central patio into a silent connector between spaces. The flat literally revolves around it and its transparency creates a continuous visual connection between all the areas. There are no internal walls dividing functions, but when privacy is required, almost invisible large wooden screens are used to separate or unite spaces.
The bathroom as well moves a step away from the concept of conventional room. Located on a sort of “hallway” on one side of the patio, it is designed as a dynamic narration of all the elements of the bathing ceremony. The washbasin is located on a dwarf wall along the passageway in a closer proximity with the living room. The same wall is creating the separation from the oversized shower area, without the need of any glass screen. It is also a surprise to discover the WC area hidden behind a full-size mirrored door. The freestanding bathtub is the real protagonist of the apartment, being located in focal point from the entrance and just in front of the night area.
From a material point of view all elements and wall finishes are made out of a neutral colour Microcement, to highlight and focus on the marble floor and timber beams of the existing fabric.